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Anger Management 101

Leader: Rev. Cliff Ritter – Caring Ministry
Is Rage a four-letter word in your world?  Is Anger your emotional default mode?  When you are stressed or under pressure, is it “normal” for you to blow your top?  There is a way to find real inner peace.  
Pastor Cliff Ritter will lead a seminar on Anger Management this Fall.  He has a lifetime of experience dealing with family and friends who found anger to be a short cut to solving life’s problems.  It never works out for anyone involved.  There must be a better way.  And, there is.  Anger destroys relationships and creates isolation and loneliness.  It is toxic to everyone.  There are ways to change, to find better coping skills and to resolve conflict without resorting to rage.  It you are looking for help, this is a course for you.

Elizabeth Boudreaux
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Registration closed on Tuesday, September 26, 2023