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Saturday Serve | Sole Hope

Thousands of children in Uganda suffer from a crippling foot parasite called jiggers.  Through education, medical care, and shoes we aid Ugandan people to become jigger free restoring health and hope for a future.  Jiggers keep kids from gong to school, running and playing.  They prevent people from walking and working.  People with jiggers often become outcasts.  This small parasite negatively impacts every aspect of person's life.  

Sole Hope Shoe Parties are a chance for you to be included in the Sole Hope Shoe Making Process! No special sewing or cobbler skills required! You are touching and prepping the fabric that will be finished into shoes in Uganda and go on the feet of one of our patients to aid in living a life free from jiggers.

Madeline Beem
(713) 402-5064

St. Luke's UMC Fellowship Hall

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Registration closed on Friday, February 8, 2019