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Confirmation Registration 2019-2022

Confirmation at St. Luke’s is a process in which young people experience what it means to belong to a large group of Christ followers. They learn what it is to become a Christ follower themselves through experiencing and living out their faith with others. It's also a time for students to ask tough questions and begin to understand what it means to believe and put their trust in God. It is our hope that students finish the Confirmation Journey energized and connected to a loving, encouraging community on shared mission to live and love like Jesus.


Sundays in the Fall of 6th Grade

Field trips to various different faith traditions throughout 7th Grade

Wraps up Sundays in the Spring of 8th Grade


$150 (Scholarships are available upon request – contact sburch@stlukesmethodist.org)

Westheimer Campus

Savannah Burch

Student Ministries Building

Date / Time

Registration closed on Sunday, December 15, 2019