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The Birds & The Bees

Where do babies come from? How is that baby going to get out of there? Join Megan Michelson of The Birds & The Bees for information on how to create a conversation based foundation with your children when they ask these questions. In today's sex saturated culture, the idea of "the talk" at age 13 is too late. 

The goal of Birds & Bees is to replace that one talk with several smaller talks so that your children may be guided by your voice and values. Learn how to prepare and plan with a six step strategy that takes your family from the early preschool years to preadolescence. Feel encouraged and empowered about a parenting topic that can be intimidating….it will come up sooner than you think!

This event is FREE, however registration is encouraged, as space is limited. 

Childcare is FULL. Registration for the event is still open, however we are unable to accommodate any further child care requests for this evening.

Presented by St. Luke's Parenting Center

Westheimer Campus

Kim Davis
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Fellowship Hall

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Registration closed on Sunday, April 28, 2019