Summer 2019 Bridges Academy Private Instruction

BEFORE YOU ENROLL: please ensure you and the teacher have communicated about and agreed upon your semester schedule, including the total number of lessons, the lesson length (30, 45, or 60 minutes), and the start/end dates, conflicts, etc.

If you have not communicated yet with your teacher, please do not proceed. Please come back when all of the details are in place.

NOTE: If you are enrolling one student in lessons with more than one teacher, please select the appropriate number of enrollments below.

Due to some shortcomings in the software, our form does not take payment online at this time. Please make sure you complete and return your payment form to us before your lessons begin. If we already have payment information on file for you, we will process your fees as indicated (in full, monthly, etc.) unless we receive an updated form from you. Download a copy online or pick up a paper copy on the 2nd floor next to Elevator B.

Should you decide to add lessons before the semester ends, simply return here and enter the new lesson information.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please contact Randy ( | (713) 402-5122) or Monica ( | (713) 402-5110).

Thank you, and have a wonderful semester!

How many enrollments will you be registering?